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What users have to say about Gym Assistant!

Our customers include owners of gyms, health clubs, sports clubs, yoga and martial arts studios, swim clubs and more. Here's what some of them want to tell you about Gym Assistant.

"We have owned and operated a medical exercise facility in a rural community for 23 years. During that time we have tried several "Front Desk" programs and none prior to this time have been user friendly and trouble free. Last month we purchased the GymAssistant program and began using it with a barcode regulated magnetic door opener with the picture capturing capability. The system is easy to use, the installation was trouble free and it provides excellent door entry, member registration and monitoring of our building. Thank you for providing the software program and for you help with all of our questions. Please feel free to have anyone call me regarding a recommendation for your product."

Larry Herron MD, Aerobic Institute of Medicine
Lawrenceville, IL

"Nearly a year ago, I opened my first gym and purchased Gym Assistant. I am such a fan of Gym Assistant that when I recently purchased a second gym, there was no question as to which software I would use. Not only does Gym Assistant provide everything I need to run my gym, but is so easy to use that I can train new employees in about 5 minutes and am confident that the program is understood. However, the best thing about the program is the people at Bio-Logic. Jon and Jill are very responsive to suggestions and concerns of their clients and continually provide updates to the program to ensure optimum efficiency. Thank you, Bio-Logic!"

Linda Mackey, Express Fitness for Women
Simi Valley , CA

"Before Gym Assistant, I stressed over everything in my business. I spent most of my day trying to figure out who owed me money and who didn't. Since I installed Gym Assistant, I spend less time now managing over a thousand members than I did when I had only a few hundred. I'm not a computer guy, but the software takes care of all the most important parts of my business. When a member walks in the door Gym Assistant tells me if they owe me money, so I can get the cash up front before they start working out. Every month I just deposit my checking drafts and the money shows up in my bank account. I only spend about ten minutes a month to debit and renew all my members. I get to spend more time working out and greeting my members, which is why I opened this gym in the first place."

George Mousetis, Bayhill Gym & Fitness
San Bruno, CA

"Just wanted to let you know that everything is working great. This definitely helps keep the memberships current - no one likes to hear the loud beep when they are denied! They come in and hand us their payment before they scan in. Thank you."

Jeff & Kristy Bussiere, Women's Total Fitness
Gardner, MA

"We were having all kinds of problems with our old software system when we contacted Bio-Logic. Since we installed Gym Assistant our membership hassles have basically disappeared. We even found some members that had not been paying using the old system."

"The software worked great with our existing video camera and electronic turnstile. Now our staff don't need to be at the front desk at all, except to sign up new members. My life is definitely easier with Gym Assistant. I wish we had gotten it sooner."

Andrew Chaban, HealthWorks
Novato, CA

"Just thought I would drop a line and let you know how happy we are happy to have bought your program Gym Assistant. For years, we have done it the old-fashioned way of using a paper trail to keep track of members. Since putting Gym Assistant into place, we are able to track member due dates and member visits. It has been user-friendly and helped to bring my fitness center up to standards. It's funny, I don’t know how we went along as long as we did without it. I plan on purchasing the ProShop in the near future and I'm sure it will be just as much of a success for us as Gym Assistant has been."

Rex Crowley, Crowley, Lifestyle Fitness
Roanoke Rapids, NC

"You have been a great help getting my business up and running. Thank you."

Lorri Dennett
Vici, OK

"I just wanted to write and compliment you on your Gym Assistant software and peripherals. It is amazing to me how well the system works and how complete it is to run and manage all of the different aspects of the club. Bank and credit card debits are a snap, from the reports section I can handle and notify clients with customized letters as to their status (major time saver we were doing this manually). We even did a Christmas card this way. Thank you for all of your help and attention to detail in designing a great program."

James Perkins, Nu Image
Ventura, CA