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If your Barcode Access Control distance is more than 100 feet

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The Cat5 cabling for our Barcode Access Control reader allows you to extend the reader cable using a standard off-the-shelf Cat5 cable.  The extension works great for distance less than 100 feet, but changes are necessary at greater distances.

The Cat5 cable carries not only the serial (RS232) signal from the reader but also the 5VDC power to the reader.  At distances more than 100 feet the voltage drop along the cable will cause problems for the reader. 

Symptom:  If the reader is not receiving enough voltage then the green light on the reader blink constantly and barcodes will not be read successfully.

Solution:  An adjustable DC power supply allows you to increase the voltage output,.  Increasing the voltage on the power supply to 6VDC provides enough power for the reader to function properly at distances up to 200 feet.  Longer distances (up to 300 feet) may need the voltage increased to 7.5V.

Here is the recommended power adapter and plug, available from Radio Shack:

Enercell Universal 300mA AC Adapter
Catalog #: 273-315 , $18.59

The adapter comes with a variety of plug ends, and you will use the blue 'M' adapter:  (5.5mm/2.1mm)

You can find the adapter online at:


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