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Barcode & Proximity Access Control Systems

Gym Assistant can control the opening of door(s) or turnstiles. After scanning a Barcode or Proximity Card the member will be allowed entry only if he or she is in good standing. If entry is allowed, the member will be checked-in with date and time stamp and door or turnstile will "buzz" open. There is no need to turn individual member cards ON or OFF, as Gym Assistant will automatically deny entry for any members who are not paid up-to-date.

For general information about Access control systems, turnstiles and electronically controlled doors please see our Access Control FAQ.

Choose either a barcode or proximity card system.

If you're not sure which system is right for you, check out our Access Control FAQ.

barcode access system proximity card system

Gym Assistant checks if the member:

For more general information about our Access control systems, please see our Access Control FAQ.