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"The system is easy to use, the installation was trouble free...Thank you for providing the software program and your help with all our questions.
L Herron,MD --
Aerobic Institute of Medicine

Gym Assistant TLS 1.0 will be Retired

What is TLS and why do I care?

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a term that refers to the technical protocols that are used to provide secure encryption of communications over the internet. TLS is basically the "secret encoder ring" that ensures that bad guys aren't able to intercept information that you send or receive on the web.

The oldest version of TLS (TLS version 1.0) is no longer considered secure because hackers have found too many ways to exploit it. Newer versions of TLS (versions 1.1 and 1.2) have been created in its place to provide increased security.

As of July 1, 2018 all payment processors will disable TLS 1.0 on their servers, so any applications that use TLS 1.0 will be unable to communicate with those payment processors.

Gym Assistant versions 2.0.3 and older must be upgraded to continue processing payments

If your are currently running a version of Gym Assistant which is less than 2.0.4, and you process credit cards or ACH debits directly through Gym Assistant, then you will need to upgrade to version 2.0.4.

How do I upgrade?

Please contact Gym Assistant Support at 1-877-496-2778, ext 2 or email to obtain upgrade information.


Please call Support at 1-877-496-2778, ext 2 or email if you have any questions.

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